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We revive your uncontaminated, pre-patriarchal, feminine essence and power.

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What is a FEMYINIST?

A person who is passionate about equal rights,

and in elevating the expression of and 

within a culture that often values masculine (Yang) energy more highly.

respect for feminine (Yin) energy

Yin & Yang are meant to be complementary equal forces.

Are you ready to reclaim your

Feminine SuperPowers

and revolutionize your life and the world?!




Power Pumps, Darks Shades, Loaded Finger Gun and Courage.

Are you ready to go on a mission with us?


Feminine Revolution

The Great Goddess or Great Mother has been observing us...

She's seen us working towards
equality and empowerment
which she supports.
She knows we want to 
Rock a Kick-Ass Life!
But she wants us to know something's missing
in our efforts.
That's why she gives us
this mission...to reclaim that
which is missing.

Mission Details...

1.  Recover the ancient feminine knowledge, arts, and power that patriarchal society

     hid, suppressed, and destroyed

thousands of years ago.

2.  Embody our authentic feminine power and integrate our lost feminine heritage and  into our modern lives.

3.  Repeat, repeat, repeat... RISE!

Our Mission Is Possible!

We shall return to wholeness...

Discover our glorious feminine heritage and uncover the powerful truth of who we are.
Abolish the negative cultural programming that has convinced us we are not enough.
Let Go of the upbringing that
raised us to be too nice, likable, complimentary and accommodating.
Unearth and Reclaim
our authentic feminine selves - our power, magick, sensuality, confidence, and self-reverence.
Harness our feminine (Yin) energy and fempower our lives, instead of powering-through life as if we are men.
Restore and Stake
the unfettered, fully-expressed
feminine (yin), within an
over-masculinized (yang) world.
Rise to our highest potential.
Live not merely as equals, but as the goddesses we truly are.
Dance in the vibrational frequency of yin and yang in balance and experience an ecstacy not yet known on this planet.

Ancient cultures prophesied that this would 

be the time when the feminine (yin) would make her big freaking come back.

Welcome Back Goddess/Queen/Sister!

It's Time to Rise...

Are you Ready to Revolutionize Your Life and the World?!

Here's the Backstory...


About 5,000 years ago, the Great Goddess or Divine Feminine was prolific on the planet. Evidence of her could be seen everywhere and her feminine (yin) energy was alive and well, churning within every woman.


Therefore, women knew who they were, knew their worth, their power and their magick.  As a result, women did not merely live life, they danced with life creatively and sensuously!  


Then, as patriarchal values arose...


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