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We are a global femyinist media, lifestyle, and self-improvement brand where women and girl's fempowerment collides with entertainment.  Our fun, ground-breaking brand of original femyinist programming not only entertains, but also inspires women and girls to awaken and reclaim their feminine (yin) power.  Helping them tap into their unlimited potential and revolutionize their lives and the world like never before!

FemYinist Media appeals to all genders but focuses on today's modern women and girls who want to live a more fulfilling life.  They seek fresh, sophisticated content that addresses what they are striving for, struggling with, and are passionate about.  FemYinist Media focuses on fempowering women and girls from the inside-out, helping to heal, enhance, and revolutionize their busy, complex lives.  

FemYinist Media's unique genre of femyinist content and complementary products and services are presented in accessible, time-conscious formats that help women and girls find a path to greater life fulfillment.  So whether it's committing to deep self-care, starting a new business, or participating in a social cause that women and girls want, FemYinist Media informs, entertains, and inspires, making it easier and more fun to take right action.

The next wave of the feminist movement 

is not about women continuing to become empowered,

but becoming FEMPOWERED!

FEMPOWERMENT... the New Frontier of Women’s Empowerment.

Are you ready feminine revolutionaries?  Cause...

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To become the #1 media company that connects women and girls around the globe with content, products and experiences that will awaken their feminine power and 

REVOLUTIONIZE their lives!



To become the #1 leading distributor of entertainment content that is not only capable of inspiring women and girls to rise to their highest potential, but also makes significant cultural impact that creates positive change in the world.



"If there's still an ember of desire buried beneath the smoldering ashes, it's never too late to reignite the fire of your dreams and become who you were always meant to be."



Vanessa Phoenix

Founder/CEO/Executive Producer

Some years ago, I had left my creative pursuits and was working as an investment advisor for a mutual fund company.  I found the financial stability I was seeking, but I was miserable.   In my attempt to escape the misery, I burned through all my vacation time and sick days.  It was not long after returning to work that I ended up quitting.  Eventually, I moved to Los Angeles, a place I had always wanted to live so that I could pursue my creative endeavors to their fullest.  But…I hit a snag.


On the first day that I sat down to do some writing, nothing happened. The next few days again...nothing.  "Oh my Goddess, I have writer's block!"  After living in my head and working in the patriarchal diaspora of money and investment for a few years, It seemed I had lost connection to my creative-felt senses.

While searching for a...

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