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Respect Your Mother

As we move from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, great wisdom teachers have said that during this time we will be forced to come to terms with the thousands of years of abuse towards the Feminine (Yin) and that includes the disrespect and disregard of Mother Earth.

So with all of the recent apocalyptic-like hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and earthquakes, and with North Korea's launch of a hydrogen bomb causing seismic shockwaves and a mountain on the verge of collapsing, ready to release radiation into the environment...

And with the new administration pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement and rolling back environmental regulations, including ironically, the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, just about a week before hurricane Harvey hit and caused unbelievable flooding in Texas.

With all of that....I headed out recently for some seriously needed R&R. I was looking for a place that wasn't flooded, on fire, etc... I wanted to connect with Mother Earth/Mother Nature and spend some healing time in her arms.

So I headed to Lake Tahoe. As I arrived in the Lake Tahoe area there was a part of me that was actually, literally surprised to see mother nature still standing in all her grand majesty.

I went into the forest with my 13-year-old Westie who is my bestie, named Dustin, and I literally said to Mother Earth, "I can't believe you are still here!" Tears came to my eyes as I hugged a great pine tree and thanked Mother Earth for still being here after all that humankind has done to her. I felt her sense my gratitude and send me love, but just like a human-mother can be at times, there was a sternness I felt from her as she confirmed we humans are dancing dangerously close to self-destruction.

As I sat and meditated and breathed in her fresh air, I felt Mother Earth send me two images....

1.) Mother Earth reminded me of Kali, the Hindu Goddess of time, death, and destruction. I could feel the wrath of Kali, acting in all the recent natural disasters. I felt Kali was showing us that we have reached a critical time where we must change or else suffer great death and destruction. I felt that she is giving humankind a wake-up call. I wondered, will we wake up in time? Will we learn to respect Mother Earth and work with her, not try to dominate her, rape her, and dump on her? Will we recognize that all life is connected and therefore learn to work with her? Will we learn to curtail urban sprawl, not build on floodplains, lower our CO2 emissions, rotate crops, develop holistic ways of dealing with stormwaters, and more....?

2.) The other thing Mother Earth reminded me of a couple TV commercials by the American Heart Association. Watch them again at the links below, but imagine instead of the Heart leaving, imagine it is Mother Earth leaving. Respect Your Mother or else...if she goes, we go.

Shortly after my meditation with Mother Earth, my cell phone started blaring with an alert, it was a tornado warning which I later learned was a very rare occurrence in the area. Next, Dustin and I were getting pelted by pea-sized hail and drenched by an onslaught of rain as we ran for cover. It was intense yet brief, it made me feel awe and respect for Mother Nature, it was a fitting end to my meditation.

What you can do....

1.) Heal your relationship with Mother Earth (Yin) - connect with her, spend time with her, talk with her, feel her energy, love her, respect her, etc...

2.) Vote!

3.) Recycle

4.) Become an environmental activist

5.) Meditate or Pray on how else you can help

Femyinist Media has some pretty wild shows coming that will inspire greater respect, connection, and relationship with Mother Earth - we can't wait to share them!

Lovingly shared,


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