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The "New Woman" on the Rise and sexy French yogurt?!

A few weeks ago I became ill and spent several days on the couch sleeping and bingeing on some TV. I happened to see a few commercials that I thought were liberating! I think they show a positive trend in the way women are changing/evolving/emerging, as well as being portrayed in the media.

Please take a look at the following commercial and I will continue to share the others shortly. I like these commercials because I think they can help break cultural taboos and stereotypes about women and girls, as well as present a liberating picture of the "New Woman" in my opinion.

I define the "New Woman" as..... Fully Expressed, Fully Empowered & Free!

Please note: I am not intentionally promoting any of these brands or receiving any kind of kickback. I just like their messaging and feel it is important because the way women are portrayed in the media can powerfully impact the way women feel about themselves, impact their behaviors, and impact how they are perceived and treated in society.

Please feel free to share your opinions about them or share any pieces of media that you think are a positive representation of women and girls, or not so positive representation.


"Say Oui to Pleasure."

I like this commercial for four reasons...

1.) There is a double-standard in society around men's sexuality and women's sexuality. Women for a very long time have been slut-shamed for being sexual, for expressing their sexuality, for sleeping with more than one partner, or for dressing in a sexually provocative manner. I like this commercial because I feel it has the power to help shift the internalized shame that women feel about their sexual desires as well as break the double-standard. The French woman in this TV spot honors her sexuality and freely makes her sexual choices.

2.) I also like that the focus is on HER pleasure. The world still values men over women and that includes seeing men's pleasure as more important than women's pleasure. I like how the French woman takes her time to enjoy her yogurt, the yogurt is like her foreplay, eaten and enjoyed at her own pace. She is fulfilling HER needs and desires.

3.) More on Pleasure: Much about American culture is about working hard to make that money so you can amass great wealth or just try to survive. I have traveled to Europe many times and one of the things I have always appreciated is the value of taking time for pleasure as a daily, interlaced part of some European cultures.

I feel that even when Americans focus on enjoying, it is often about doing some kind of scheduled fun thing versus embracing and experiencing spontaneous moments of pleasure that are available for us to enjoy throughout our daily lives.

I love how the French woman enjoys small pleasures like taking the long route through the park because it's pretty. Daily, spontaneous pleasure is something I have personally been inviting and partaking in more and more. It makes life so much more fun, magical, sensual, delicious, feminine and flowy! I think it even increases the flow of money!

4.) Her French lovers are totally hot, yum! : )

Final note: Don't forget to practice safe sex!

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