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Hello Goddess!

I recently went out to a dance club in Las Vegas. It was a beautiful night; the temperature was perfect. The club was on top of a casino, so I was excited about dancing in the open air. However, my night became uncomfortable at times as I noticed the way women were interacting with each other. Looking at each other with judgment, talking about each other, deliberately bumping into each other on the dance floor to intimidate, etc.

I think some of this behavior comes from insecurity and feelings of envy, jealousy, suspicion, or resentment. Also, women have learned to compete with each other in a patriarchal society. With so much emphasis placed on women being beautiful, it's as though some women are engaged in a non-stop beauty competition. I also feel the fairy tales we read and watched during our most impressionable childhood years have subliminally taught us competition and cruelty towards each other. There's always an evil queen trying to harm another woman, so perhaps we replay that fairy tale dynamic in our real lives. Remember these scenes from Snow White? A man in the mirror declares to the insecure queen that another woman is more beautiful, so the queen orders Snow White killed.

I have felt insecure around other women in the past, but today I mostly enjoy and appreciate being in the presence of another woman (Goddess). I now see the Goddess-hood in all women, even if a woman doesn't realize she's a Goddess herself. When women can look at each other and not feel like they are competing, an incredible thing happens. Both get to enjoy basking in each other's radiant magick! I encourage you to try smiling with your heart at other women. I sometimes will even subtly give another woman a namaste-type bow in honor her magnificence. You may find that it begins to heal any lingering insecurities you may have. I took the above photo in Italy because it reminded me of the Goddess-hood I see in all women. Enjoy basking Goddess!

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