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To Your

Feminine Revolution!

If you want to take what you've seen and learned from our ground-breaking TV shows, movies, and documentaries even further, then we are excited to bring to you an array of fempowering offerings designed to help you revolutionize your life.

These offerings have been co-created with our featured femyinists who are some of the greatest practitioners, life coaches, authors, luminaries, and thought leaders of our time.  They offer profound guidance, tools, healings, and insights as we roll into the Revival of the Feminine (Yin) Era.

Whether you are seeking more financial abundance, more self-confidence, connection to your intuition, a juicer existence, freedom from fear,  or whatever your goals or dreams might be...


It's time to invite your feminine (yin) magick back into the mix so you can start...

Living Life to the Yinth Degree!

Coming Soon!


Classes. Courses. Workshops. Videos. Practices.

One-On-Ones. Books. Podcasts. Certifications.

Retreats. Conferences. Festivals. Community.

Stay Updated

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